Poore Family History

Life story of Dr. Ross Poore, Ross & Gloria Poore, Robert & Della Poore & families.

Includes information on the Jesse Poore (1770-1860) line.

Poore, Perkins and Howard family ancestors of Dr. Ross Poore

Includes information on the Jesse Poore (1770-1860) line.

Genealogy, Family History, Poore, Poor, Poer, Power, Perkins, Hicks, Trovillo, Cole, Greene, Ericksen, Evans, Hunley, Fletcher, Attebery, Lynn, Thompson, Templeman, Gribble, Howard, Marcus, Vanbibber, Featherstone, Howell, Whitmore, Larsen, Peters, Jesse Poore 1770-1860, Marry Morris, Elizabeth Jean Poore 1841-1893, William Thomas Poore 1857-1925

Places, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Virginia, Sullivan County, Claiborne County, Tazewell,